e-Horizon Group provides experienced, qualified supervisory personnel who ensure adherence to your drilling practices and recognized safety standards. With the understanding that open communication is vital, our objective is to reduce time to TD, safely and under budget. Our engineering and planning services can develop well construction solutions tailored to your needs. This is a big – and valuable – differentiator between e-Horizon and typical contract drilling companies. 
Engineers that know your business
 The majority of our drilling and completion engineers have worked for major oil and gas operators. We understand your business and your needs. 
Well construction solutions
 Our well construction engineers can provide assistance with any or all of the following: 
  • Project objective setting 
  • Hazard identification 
  • Project cost estimating 
  • Drilling, completions and stimulations design – incorporating appropriate technology and operational techniques 
  • Complete project management including tracking of key performance indicators 
Managing risk and capital – our engineers have the experience 
At e-Horizon our engineers effectively manage the risk and capital associated with well construction projects. To achieve this we will: 
  • Ensure well construction project objectives are accurate and clearly defined 
  • Compile a historical analysis identifying potential hazards and mitigation plans 
  • Develop a well design and project plan that delivers the project objectives in a safe and cost effective manner by incorporating appropriate technology and effective risk management methodology