Electronic Warfare (EW) products range from realistic threat simulation equipment to active defense systems, and include:

Electronic Support Measures (ESM) / ELINT Threat Warning and Intercept Receiver-Processor systems,
EW Pods and Simulators,
Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) systems,
Radio Terminal Set and Quickstrike Mine,
Shipboard Electronic Enclosures, and
Shipboard Environmental Waste Disposal Systems (SEWDS).
The products perform on surface ships, submarines, aircraft, and land-based platforms, and are active in commercial and military markets.

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- EW Pods and Simulators
- Radio Terminal Set & Quickstrike Mine
- Shipboard Electronic Enclosures
- Noise Figure Meter 8419B

Electronic Support Measures (ESM) / ELINT Threat Warning and Intercept Receiver-Processor systems

ESM / ELINT Threat Warning and Intercept Receiver-Processor systems utilize DFD, channelized, and superheterodyne technologies. Products include:

WBR-2000 ES featuring modern wideband instantaneous frequency measuring (IFM) providing fast, 100% probability of detection, high dynamic range, unambiguous signal identification, and the ability to process complex signal types.

NBS-2500 ELINT system is a narrow band ELINT subsytem whose architecture stresses modularity. The extensive use of COTS equipments allows for future modular technology refresh and insertion without requiring total system replacement.

WBR-3000 combines the High Probability of Intercept (HPI) performance of an IFM system (WBR-2000) with the search and analysis capability of a narrow band ELINT subsystem (NBR-2500.

Pulse Analyzer Unit (PAU) functions as the heart of an ELINT system. The PAU analyzes the inputs and delivers the output to the operator display. Optionally, the PAU can also digitize the IF output of tuners and provide the result to analysis displays and external equipment. (Top)

The threat simulation equipment realistically simulates hostile threat environments that facilitates ship and air weapons testing and operating training. Argon ST has several programs where we are incorporating Electronic Attack (EA) and Radar Signal (RS) systems into systems defined by the customer. Examples of this are the installation of an RS system into the tip tank on a Lear aircraft, installation of an RS system into a pod for use on a training aircraft and installation of both EA and RS systems into tow targets. Our products include:

Land-based Threat Simulator radiates ships or aircraft with either EA or RS threats or a combination of the two. Included within the land-based threat simulators are Smart Targets which provide not only a realistic RS transmission, but highly mobile realistic threat shapes. The Smart Target can be remotely controlled through unique software links.

Portable Radar Simulator (PRS) can be used to provide realistic radar signals via a direct connection with the victim system or it can be used with an amplifier and antenna to radiate the victim system from a longer range.

Simulator Pods can be interfaced with virtually any military or commercial aircraft. The pods have suspension lugs which allow either wing or fuselage mounting. The pod can be controlled from the aircraft cockpit using a cockpit control box to initiate the execution of previously programmed threat simulation scenarios or by using a personal computer which can control more than one pod and also provides for in-flight reprogramming.

Electronic Attack (EA) Pod is a countermeasures pod capable of generating non-coherent noise jamming, deception and digital RF memory techniques. The pod is capable of generating these techniques in either C/D-band, E/F-band or G/H/I/J-band.

Radar Signal (RS) Pod is an active, airborne, multi-mode, programmable radar transmitter designed to emit threat representative signals that simulate the RF signals of hostile anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM’s) and their associated search and targeting radars. The RS pod is capable of simulating signals from newer and older ASCM’s, air-to-surface and surface-to-surface missiles, surface-to-air missiles and airborne radars. (Top)


The Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) system consists of a Towed Array and a Torpedo Defense Controller (TDC). The Towed Array provides passive and active detection, location and threat identification of torpedoes and other acoustic targets to the TDC. The TDC displays torpedo location and track and recommends maneuvers. The system continually updates with progress displays during evasive maneuvers.

The SSTD has proven effective in over 300 installations worldwide.(Top)

Radio Terminal Set and Quickstrike Mine

The Radio Terminal Set (RTS) is designed for the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS) MK III Manned Helicopter. Its primarily missions are anti-suface/anti-submarine warfare and anti-ship surveillance and targeting. The RTS provides secure communications for voice exchange of SONAR, Sonobouy, MAD and FLIR data, and is suitable for installation on most major combatants.

The high explosive, LongShot equipped MK-65 Quickstrike Mine has a fast response-to-readiness capability suitable for aircraft in use against submarines and surface targets. The on-board digital flight control and GPS navigation system gives precise mine placement and Fire-and-Forget operation. Argon ST has manufactured over 3000 MK-65 mines for Navy use and is the exclusive world-wide manufacturer of the LongShot system. (Top)

Shipboard Electronic Enclosures

We produce three Shipboard Electronic Enclosures:

the AN/SLQ-25A Transmitter Console,
the General Purpose Console (GPC),
and the MSTRAP Console.
Each has a VME or custom backplane, has full environmental capability, including MIL-STD-167 and MIL-S-901, is air or water cooled, and can be hard-mounted or shock-mounted for COTS payloads. (Top)

As long as there have been ships and sea-going vessels, there has been a problem with waste disposal. Throughout history, sailors have simply dumped trash and other waste overboard. This practice has resulted in detrimental effects to the environment, has fouled our beaches, and inflicted damage to the world’s fishing industry. The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution, signed by most maritime nations, regulates the discharge of all waste from ships. Paper, cardboard, metal and glass cannot be discharged near land, and plastic may not be discharged anywhere at sea. Argon ST offers a complete line of shipboard environmental systems designed to meet the criteria of the International Convention. (Top)

Solid Waste Shredder – processes all disposable glass (primarily bottles) and metal (cans and containers) by shredding, thereby reducing volume.

Large & Small Pulpers – processes waste into a non-floating slurry, which can be harmlessly discharged overboard.

Plastic Waste Processor – a suite of equipment which is used to process all plastic waste. the plastic is shredded in a solid waste shredder. then the plastic waste is melted and compressed into a disk that is recycled upon return to port.

Noise Figure Meter

The Model 8419B Noise Figure Meter is an accurate, rapid, portable unit capable of measuring receiver noise figure from 0 to 25 dB between 10 kHz and 110 GHz, depending on the noise source selection.

The Model 8419B has a built-in synthesized pre-selector for suppression of spurious signals and phase-locked IF tuning accuracy. The unit also uses AGC to assure accurate test readings over a 65 dB IF input range. Operation is from the receiver IF output.


Receiver system checkout
On-line performance monitoring
Satellite receivers
Radar systems
Rapid verification of large ESM and communications receiving systems
Component testing
Small, rugged and lightweight (12.5 pounds)
No operator judgement factor or need for signal generators
Accurate, portable test set for rapidly measuring receiver sensitivity
Built to MIL-T-28800E
Blanking input
Synthesized IF input frequency, 10 to 300 MHz, 0.1 MHz steps
IF input dynamic range of 65 dB
Direct digital readout of noise figure in dB
Variable Excess Noise Ratio (ENR) setting allows corrected readings
LED indicator alerts operator validity of input
Linear output for X-Y plotter
Reads its own noise figure for confidence check (25 dB ENR)
Simplified operation over other portable models
Enhanced operator confidence
Operates from receiver IF output (Top)
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