e-Horizon Group safely and economically brings your well on-line with maximum production. Whatever technology you’re utilizing for completion and stimulation operations, chances are DTC Energy Group supervisors helped develop it. Our extensive range of completion and production equipment and services provides the well site support you need to stay on schedule and maintain results. We'll help you get more from the well site-so you can worry about getting more from your well or reservoir.
With our comprehensive selection of equipment, e-Horizon can meet the demands of every worksite, every time. Our completion and production services include:
  • Multi-stage completion 
  • Conventional completion 
  • Coiled tubing operations 
  • Botched completion repairs 
  • Well reconfiguration 
  • Cased hole fishing 
  • Casing repair 
  • Regular maintenance 
  • Fluid transportation 
  • Fluid pumping 
  • Fluid disposal